Enhance Your Natural Environment  


Improve your waterfront by reducing weed growth around your swim area.

The HydroSweep, fully adjustable dock mounted thruster, keeps your water front, dock area or pond clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface.

Our exclusive motorized action of the HydroSweep is effective 50 feet* or more. The HydroSweep is ideal for managing decaying bottom and floating algae.


  • 1hp with 1400 Gallons/Minute Flow
  • 7 Amp Electrical Consumption
  • Heavy Duty / Commercial
  • Safe Operation
  • Optional Safety Screen Kit Available


HydroSweep can keep your waterfront, dock area, or pond clean.

  The HydroSweep dock mounted design is fully adjustable allowing for water level adjustments. Our dock mounted HydroSweep is capable of circulating the water throughout your entire waterfront including hard to reach areas under docks and boat lifts.



  • Rids Shorelines of Stagnant Water
  • Reduces Chiggers
  • Deters Invasive Species


Reliable • Affordable • Energy Efficient

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